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photograph by Hudson Shively

I was a bowtie fanatic at the inception of the blog, so I thought it befitting to name this little project of mine “dandy”.  I’ve since grown out of traditional manifestations of dandyism, but have kept the name to signify a looser, more modern interpretation of the style sensibility.  The Dandy Project, a fashion and style blog for the modern dandy, embraces dandyism through the appreciation of fine craftsmanship, finding joy in taking on different personalities through clothing, and dazzling everyone away in the details.  DIY projects, personal style posts, interviews, coverage of fashion shows and presentations, and product features are the highlights of this blog.  I do not accept guest posts.

My name is Izzy Tuason and I am a consultant and graduate of the Master of Science program in advertising at Boston University.  I am also a freelance fashion writer and stylist for various print and online publications. I have previously worked in media, advertising, and fashion branding. Off-duty as a marketing professional and blogger, I am an Ashtanga yogi, a foodie, a poet, and a constant tweeter.  I am based in New York City.

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