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February 14, 2018

The All-Season Jacket

One thing I quickly learned after moving to New York City is that Spring never lasts long enough—a pity because the most fabulous, colorful coats made are often spring-weight.  I’ve fallen in love with many a light trench with exquisite detail, and taken them home, only for them to end up in consignment shops a season or two later.  Looking through my closet now, versatility is a unifying thread among my transitional jackets that have stood the test of time.

I love a good bomber jacket over a t-shirt in spring, with a nice sweat suit in the fall, and under a big long coat in the winter. These button-up bombers from the Canali jackets collection have that hot Italian dad feel. I’m especially into the navy and the bright red-orange, for easy monochromatic looks.

For someone who loves to buy bags, I’m not the biggest fan of carrying things around when I don’t need to. Wearing a rain jacket—on its own, or under a coat—saves me from having to bring an umbrella, and lends a bit of late 90s sportswear nostalgia.

photos courtesy of Canali
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